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Shaare Zedek Doctors Served on IDF Team in the Philippines

In the wake of the massive typhoon which struck the Philippines on November 8, four medical personnel from Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center were recruited to join the IDF Medical and Rescue Response Team dispatched to the affected zone.

Shaare Zedek Deputy Director General Dr. Ofer Merin, who has held leadership positions in previous IDF rescue efforts in Haiti and Japan, was responsible for coordinating efforts of the Field Hospital set up on the ground in the Philippines in Bogo City, the only medical aid facility in the island of Cebu.  Merin is also Director of Shaare Zedek’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Program, as well as the Trauma Unit.

Joining him from Shaare Zedek Medical Center were Dr. Giora Weiser, a senior physician in the Glaubach Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dr. Sefi Mendlovich, also of the Pediatric Department and  Dr. Avi Alpert of the Weinstock Department of Emergency Medicine.  All of them have extensive IDF Medical Corps training in rescue and recovery missions.

Dr. Merin said that Israel’s scout team had decided to establish the field hospital in a remote area that lacked medical facilities. “We established our field hospital here, in Bogo City, alongside a hospital that usually has two-three physicians per shift,” Merin said. The hospital serves a city of nearly 80,000 people and an island of 250,000, and Merin said he had not seen any other international medical teams in the region.

In the first four days the IDF Field Hospital saw nearly 300 patients a day, including many who were injured by Typhoon Haiyan or unable to care for chronic conditions due to lack of running water or electricity.  At least 12 babies, most premature, were delivered by the IDF in those first more >

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“Heart of Jerusalem” National Dinner 2013

The 2013 National “Heart of Jerusalem” Dinner took place on November 20, 2013, at The Pierre in New York City.

Dr. Abraham I Naymark received the Jerusalem Humanitarian Award; Rose and Wolfgang Rauner were presented with the Keter Yerushalayim Award; and Abbey Handelsman Chill and Steven G. Chill with the Patrons of Medicine Award.  Noah Adelsberg and Yossi Ruben, both of whom are students at Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, received the Chesed Leadership Award.

Special guest Jon Voight, who was nominated for four Academy Awards and won an Oscar for his role in “Coming Home” and three Golden Globe Awards for “Midnight Cowboy,” “Coming Home” and “Runaway Train,” delighted attendees with his strong declarations of support for Israel and the Jewish people.

To see more photos from the “Heart of Jerusalem” National Dinner, click here.

We were saddened  by the news that our good friend Dr. Abraham Naymark passed away.  At his funeral we all reflected on the amazing life he led and the enormous impact he made on so many worthy causes.  May his incredible legacy of giving be a model for us all to follow.

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Visit Shaare Zedek

If you are going to be in Israel, please join us for a private tour of the Hospital.
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Symposium on Preparedness for Mass Casualty Events

Emergency care doctors who have experienced some of the greatest tragedies in American history, from 9/11 to the Sandy Hook shooting, gathered in Los Angeles on Oct. 28 for a symposium organized by the American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem (ACSZ).

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