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March with Shaare Zedek – Celebrate Israel Parade 2015

Come and March on Shaare Zedek’s Float in the
Annual Celebrate Israel Parade – May 31st, 2015

We will be gathering at 12:30 pm and will begin marching around 1:10 pm.

The entire Parade route takes roughly 45 minutes.

Please meet us at the Sponsor Check-In Tent at the SE corner of W. 56th Street at 6th Avenue to receive your wristbands.

Our float will be leaving from W. 56th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. We will finish the Parade between E. 74th Street and E. 76th Street along 5th Avenue.

Call 212-764-8116 or email if you will be joining us. There will be free Shaare Zedek t-shirts for all marchers.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Installed at Shaare Zedek

Shaare Zedek Medical Center recently installed 20 state-of-the-art ultrasound devices throughout the Hospital. They were acquired, in part, thanks to the generous support of USAID/ASHA (United States Agency for International Development/American Schools and Hospitals Abroad).

These ultrasound units all offer high resolution and operational convenience for the medical staff. In addition, they allow physicians to perform many tests that weren’t possible with the older devices.

Prof. Irith Hadas Halpern, head of the Imaging Wing, commented that “imaging is an unparalleled diagnostic tool. In a hospital such as Shaare Zedek that treats so many patients, the imaging devices never rest, especially the ultrasounds, since they are also used in invasive procedures. This is why it is so important to incorporate the best devices in the routine work of our physicians.”

The new ultrasounds were installed in the Department of Emergency Medicine (ER), Pediatric Departments including the Pediatric ER and NICU, Women’s Clinics, Cardio Institute, and, of course, the Ultrasound Institute. They offer our patients advanced cardiac echo tests, elastography tests (these are used to evaluate the elasticity of tissue, to help diagnose malignant and benign processes) and tests which require contrast and scans during laparoscopic procedures. “A special transducer supplies an exceptionally high quality image during the procedure, which allows for maximum accuracy,” explained Prof. Hadas Halpern.

Each Department received devices with unique functions relevant to the diagnoses performed there and their strategic placements throughout the hospital cancels the need to bring the device to the patient, a process that both damages the equipment and prolongs the diagnosis and treatment.

“To provide the best care we require the best equipment. This is why we never rest and are always on the lookout for newer, better units. I hope these new more >

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Shaare Zedek Hospital – An Overview

Whoever first called the United States of America a melting pot never saw Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. Not only does Shaare Zedek represent cutting-edge medicine in both Israel and the medical world – it personifies remarkable integration of different people.

The hospital combines the ideal of world class modern medical care with Torah-true traditions. Walking past the synagogue doing his morning rounds is Professor Petachia Reissman, head of the department of Surgery and a leading innovator in surgical techniques. Inside the synagogue attending one of the three minyanim for Shacharis is a rav of a shul in Yerushalayim.

Outside on the balcony immediately beyond the shul are two Arab brothers who brought their father into Shaare Zedek because his blood sugar reading was 515 – very high for someone so thin.

The staff is a microcosm of Israel itself. When Dr. Reissman makes his rounds each morning he is followed by Arab and Jewish medical students. There are Chareidim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) and Chilonim (secular Jews) side by side, and religious and secular Muslim women, all completely dedicated to patient care.

On the fifth floor is a Malon, a hotel, available for family members of patients who wish to stay in the hospital. The rooms are reasonable and very comfortable. The cafeteria on the fourth floor rivals the high-end dairy restaurants on Central Avenue in the Five Towns in the United States. Indeed, the dairy products available in Israel are much more advanced and evolved than those available in the United States.

The hospital is hugely popular throughout the country – and indeed in the Middle East. Recently, someone from the United Arab Emirates came to the hospital insisting that his operation could only be performed at Shaare Zedek. To address more >

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Clowning Around May Be Good Medicine

A new study conducted at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem found that laughter can be the best medicine.  Children undergoing outpatient urologic surgery at Shaare Zedek were divided into two groups; in one group the surgical team included a “medical clown” in the operating room to entertain the kids.  The results suggest that a funny intervention can make a serious impact by lessening the young patient’s anxiety before and after the procedure, less time in the OR, lower levels of pain and shorter hospital stays.

Click here to read the story in US News & World Report – Health Day.

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    Historic Opening of the Wilf Children’s Hospital: First Patients Admitted to Nagel Pediatric Inpatient Pavilion on Exact Day of Mrs. Nagel’s Liberation 70 Years Ago

Historic Opening of the Wilf Children’s Hospital: First Patients Admitted to Nagel Pediatric Inpatient Pavilion on Exact Day of Mrs. Nagel’s Liberation 70 Years Ago

Shaare Zedek Medical Center welcomed its first patients to the Wilf Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  Children hospitalized in the Jean and Eugen Gluck Pediatric Pavilion were transferred from the Sixth Floor of the Main Building into the new Jean and Eugen Gluck Department of General Pediatrics in the Nagel Family Pediatric Inpatient Pavilion on the Seventh Floor of the Next Generation Building.  The move was an extensive logistical effort, taking into account that many of the patients are bedridden and connected to monitoring equipment and IVs.

The development of the Inpatient Pavilion was made possible through the generosity of Jack and Gitta Nagel of Los Angeles, long-time Shaare Zedek leaders and supporters.  The May 5th opening of the new facility coincided with the 70th anniversary of Gitta Nagel’s liberation from captivity and years of hiding from the Nazis.

The Pediatric Outpatient Pavilion was given by Rabbi and Mrs. Jacob Friedman, close friends of the Nagels, who are also from Los Angeles.  The Friedmans, Holocaust survivors, are highly respected and generous supporters to many Jewish and Israeli organizations and institutions.

Shaare Zedek’s Director-General Professor Jonathan Halevy, who was closely monitoring the opening of the new facility from Kathmandu, Nepal, where he is directing the Internal Medicine Ward of the IDF Field Hospital set up in the wake of that country’s devastating earthquake, said,  “This is truly a memorable day for Shaare Zedek and indeed for all the people of Jerusalem as the Wilf Children’s Hospital will enable our medical center to offer a significantly expanded level of care and deliver the best response to the needs of our community.”

He thanked the Nagels and the Friedmans, saying, “This facility, designed to improve health and promote life, serves as the more >

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Shaare Zedek Physicians in Kathmandu

At 8:30 am  local time on Wednesday, April 29, the IDF Field Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal opened its doors and began receiving patients. The largest of its kind that Israel ever set up on a humanitarian mission, the facility is located adjacent to a damaged Nepalese military hospital. It includes operating rooms, fully functioning x-ray facilities, a range of wards and is expected to treat as many as 200 people a day. There is also a helipad nearby, enabling injured patients to be flown in from distant locations.

Dr. Ofer Merin, Deputy Director-General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, said, “We’re not the only country to send support, but what differentiates Israel is our haste to respond quickly and our rapid organization of our forces and equipment.”

Merin is a veteran of IDF medical relief operations, having supervised field hospitals in all the recent overseas disasters as well as the IDF Field Hospital which was established on Israel’s northern border for the treatment of victims of the Syrian civil war.  He continued, “Speaking personally, every mission is emotional and the more you are exposed to these opportunities, the more challenging it becomes.  In building our team we work to create a diverse staff of both senior medical personnel as well as younger physicians and nurses.  We also make sure to include those who have not been included in prior missions.”

In the first photograph,  Dr. Sefi Mendelovich, Shaare Zedek Pediatric Department (wearing a kippa) treats a newborn Nepalese baby.

The second photo shows Prof. Jonathan Halevy, Director-General of Shaare Zedek and Director of Internal medicine at the Field Hospital (wearing a cap) helping to transfer medical supplies to the facility.

Dr. Ofer Merin, Deputy Director-General of Shaare Zedek and Medical Director of the Field Hospital, more >

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    Shaare Zedek Medical Personnel Lead IDF Medical Mission to Nepal

Shaare Zedek Medical Personnel Lead IDF Medical Mission to Nepal

A delegation of nine senior medical personnel from Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center left for the earthquake zone in Katmandu, Nepal on Monday morning, April 27th. The delegation is part of the IDF Medical Mission dispatched in the wake of the humanitarian disaster which struck the region on Saturday, April 25th.

This is the latest in a series of medical missions in which Shaare Zedek doctors and nurses have been asked to participate, including in the wake of disasters in Haiti, Japan and the Philippines.

The Medical Director of the Field Hospital will be Dr. Ofer Merin, Deputy Director General at Shaare Zedek and an expert in Trauma Medicine.  Dr. Merin is a veteran of IDF medical relief operations, having supervised field hospitals in all the recent overseas disasters as well as the IDF Field Hospital which was established on Israel’s northern border for the treatment of victims of the Syrian civil war.

Shaare Zedek Director-General Professor Jonathan Halevy was invited to join the mission and will be charged with directing the Internal Medicine Wing within the IDF Field Hospital.  He will supervise a staff of 11 Israeli doctors, a team of nurses and support personnel.  The plan is to establish the Field Hospital immediately adjacent to an existing medical facility in Katmandu which suffered extensive damage in the quake.   Significant effort will be placed on disease-control methods with the understanding that disaster zones often fall victim to the spread of epidemics.  In that regard, Professor Halevy will be working in close tandem with Dr. Tamar Lachish, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Shaare Zedek.

“In the many decades that I have been privileged to serve as a physician as well as an IDF officer, I can honestly more >

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Shaare Zedek and Hapisga Taxi Company Protect Newborns

Shaare Zedek Medical Center and the 160-car Hapisga Taxi company in Jerusalem are pioneering a project to lend infant car seats to families in order to protect the babies born at the Hospital on their ride home. Representatives of Hapisga, which operates a taxi station adjacent to the Hospital, and Prof. Jonathan Halevy, Director-General of Shaare Zedek, are shown in the photo at the opening of this new program.

Shaare Zedek delivered 22,417 babies in 2014. This number is unparalleled in Israel, and probably around the world.

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Shaare Zedek Prepares for Pesach

Preparation for Pesach takes on a whole new meaning at Shaare Zedek, thanks to its unique commitment to top quality medical care, infused with Jewish tradition.  If you think cleaning your home and cooking for your family is a challenge, just imagine what it’s like to prepare for the hundreds of patients, staff and visitors who will come through Shaare Zedek’s doors over the holiday!

Weeks in advance, planning begins for the massive logistical undertaking that is ensuring all facilities throughout our two main campuses are chametz-free.  This ambitious mission is overseen by the Hospital’s rabbi backed up by an extensive team of assistants and volunteers who work with our maintenance crews and department heads to ensure that every corner has been checked for any forgotten bread or snacks.  Several days before the onset of the holiday, chametz is no longer allowed in the building and everyone entering is asked to refrain from bringing in any chametz.

A similarly ambitious plan goes into effect in the kitchen where thousands of pounds of matzah must be ordered well before all the dining services are switched over to Kosher for Passover.  This year, some additional planning is necessary for the Shmita year where we can only order certain produce, but that’s just one more challenge we welcome.  It’s also important to note that the Shaare Zedek has recently come under the direction of a brand new head Chef, Moti Buchbut.  Chef Buchbut comes to Shaare Zedek following stints at some of Jerusalem’s top kitchens, specifically at the Inbal and King David hotels.  So we know he’s been looking forward to putting some of his favorite Pesach recipes to the test at the Hospital.

Once the candles are lit and more >

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A Thank You Letter to the NICU

This letter was written by an Arab mother whose newborn tragically passed away while being treated in the new  (pictured, stock photo) Huberfeld Neonatal Intensive Care Complex (NICU) in the Next Generation Building, We think you will agree that Shaare Zedek offers an “oasis of kindness” where differences and conflicts are left outside the doors of the Hospital. 

Jerusalem, February 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing you this thank you note.  As you know, my precious baby girl passed away six days before she turned a month old. Although we were all prepared for her not to live a long life, we definitely were not expecting it to be this short, especially with the new diagnosis we had been given. Yet, such is life.

A constant reminder of things we can and cannot control. Countless times I was told to abort while pregnant, that her life expectancy was very short, if anything at all. For whatever reason, I held on to the hope that whatever was meant to come from her life, no matter how short, would be for good. And good it was indeed.

I was shown a generosity and kindness that I can’t properly express in words.  Inside Shaare Zedek, there was no Palestinian/Israeli struggle. You all did your jobs like angels sent from G-d. My child was not shown any less love than the sweet Jewish boy next to her. You smiled and loved my daughter like any other child being cared for. You all have restored my belief in the goodness of humanity, which we are all working for the betterment of our children. Our daughter was named according to the Arabic word for faith, and it’s exactly what gives more >

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