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CT Scan Faster Than It Takes To Say It

Quicker than a heartbeat, the new Dual Source CT Scanner at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem scans a patient with a stroke or other life-threatening emergency in a fraction of a second. Thanks to the generosity of USAID/ASHA and the American people; longtime Shaare Zedek benefactors Dr. Monique C. and Mordecai Katz; and patron Robert Price z”l, the new CT is up and running close to the Emergency Department. In-patient and ambulatory patients are also benefiting from the new device, which actually contains two scanning units in one. This makes it so fast that heart patients don’t require prepping with beta-blockers to be scanned and children don’t need to be sedated. #HospitalWithAHeart 

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Meet Shaare Zedek’s Head Nurse, Ms. Gali Weiss

Ms. Gali Weiss, Deputy Director General and Head Nurse of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, has been working at Shaare Zedek for ten years. She manages 1500 nurses and orderlies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Gali shares, “I am proud to be the head of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s nursing management that is known for its excellence and compassion. In my role, I have the opportunity to influence the experience of patients and their families. Among our staff there is a sense of commitment to the place and humanity, a spirit of action, thinking outside of the box, compassion, attentiveness, personal responsibility and giving.”

“I see this profession as a mission, an opportunity to influence and advance the treatment of patients professionally and humanely while coping with dynamic situations and stressful situations. This is a profession which gives a lot of job satisfaction, diversity and personal empowerment. On a personal note, I go on a pilgrimage every day to Jerusalem from my home in Kibbutz Na’an and enjoy every moment. I am happy to lead a large group of nurses with a shine in their eyes and a lot of sensitivity towards the patients and their families. I have the great privilege of leading the nursing management and to pave the way for nurses to reach new heights.”

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Four Resuscitations, 30 Shocks, One Life Saved

Four resuscitations including more than 30 electric shocks from a defibrillator and, “I left death to live,” shares Rabbi Yisrael Klein, the 66-year-old rabbi of the Yefeh Nof congregation in Jerusalem. Rabbi Klein has long suffered from coronary artery disease, a narrowing of the coronary arteries. He underwent a catheterization some years ago but the disease continued to progress. Recently, while celebrating Purim, Rabbi Klein went into cardiac arrest. Also at the party was a volunteer paramedic who had a defibrillator and saved Rabbi Klein’s life.

Testing showed that the disease had progressed significantly and that another catheterization would not suffice. Dr. Salis Tager, head of Shaare Zedek’s Ruth and Hyman Matloff Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, performed bypass surgery, during which a balloon was also implanted in the heart to act as a pump that would help the heart provide its full output.

“We were very satisfied with the surgery,” Dr. Tager said. “Everything looked good, but the next day the patient suddenly suffered from a rhythm disorder.” He underwent resuscitation for over 20 minutes before regaining his heartbeat. He then suffered from heart palpitations which can be life-threatening.

Rabbi Klein was sedated, and put on a respirator, and connected to an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine, which takes on the functions of the heart and lungs while the heart rests and recovers. After several days, the doctors saw an improvement and weaned the rabbi off the machine. But 24 hours after his heart started working independently again, he suffered another bout of heart palpitations and was again connected to the ECMO device. He also underwent another catheterization to expand his arteries to allow for better blood flow.

“After the cardiac arrest, the doctors were not very optimistic,” more >

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    Watch the “Kosher Halftime Show” Taped at Wilf Children’s Hospital

Watch the “Kosher Halftime Show” Taped at Wilf Children’s Hospital

A paint fight? In a hospital? Is that even allowed? The Wilf Children’s Hospital at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem is the setting for the Kosher Halftime Show, a wholesome alternative to the not necessarily family-friendly pop-culture extravaganza that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, February 4, 2018. The game was played in Minneapolis, Minn., home to the National Football League team owned by the Wilf Family. Starring popular Jewish singer Ohad Moskowitz and social media influencer and filmmaker Meir Kay, the Kosher Halftime Show is a presentation of the Nachum Segal Network and is sponsored by The American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The program features Ohad’s performance for young patients and their families at the Wilf Children’s Hospital interwoven with touching and humorous scenes and sequences orchestrated by Meir Kay, including a rather spectacular paint fight staged in a carefully prepared room at the hospital. Meir Kay has some two million followers on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. His previous videos have been seen hundreds of millions of times.

Click here to view the Kosher Halftime Show #KHS2018


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Send In The Clowns!

Involving medical clowns in medical treatment significantly improves patients’ experience, according to a study conducted at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The study found that Shaare Zedek’s “Dream Doctors” helped children with cerebral palsy who were undergoing recurrent botulinum toxin injections. The researchers discovered that the involvement of the medical clowns reduced the pain the young patients felt, not only during the initial injection but also during subsequent injections, even if the clowns were not present for the later treatment.

The Shaare Zedek study was supported by the Magi Foundation.

Participating in the study “was a very special and enlightening experience,” shared “Dr. Sababa” (aka Avraham Cohen). “The challenge was to create tools that can be used when a child is undergoing a specific treatment and to ensure that those tools can be used by clowns in any country and under an array of situations. The study showed what we really already knew — a medical clown that is skilled and professional really makes a difference in the patient’s experience.”

The Dream Doctors Project integrates therapeutic medical clowns into Shaare Zedek and more than 20 other Israeli hospitals. It trains them to work as part of various medical units carrying out procedures to improve patient well-being and advance care. Each Dream Doctor has a rich background in the dramatic arts in addition to the hospital training. Like Shaare Zedek’s other professionals and paraprofessionals, members of our Dream Doctors team work according to a set schedule determined according to the Hospital’s needs.

“Our work focuses on developing trust with the young patients. They call the shots. We follow their lead and together we can conquer anything,” explained “Jacko” (aka Jacob) after the Shaare Zedek Dream Doctors completed a daylong training session with more >

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    Shaare Zedek Awarded International Accreditation, Credited With “Outstanding Performance” by Reviewers of Joint Commission International

Shaare Zedek Awarded International Accreditation, Credited With “Outstanding Performance” by Reviewers of Joint Commission International

Shaare Zedek is Now the First and Only Jerusalem Academic Hospital to Achieve JCI Accredited Status

(JERUSALEM- June 27, 2017) Following an extensive and intensive review process, Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center has become the city’s first and only academic hospital to receive international accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI).  Independent surveyors from the JCI described Shaare Zedek’s medical activities in extremely complimentary terms, stating that the hospital’s medical performance was “outstanding” and far beyond what the reviewers have observed in many hospitals around the world.
Specific praise was offered to the hospital’s attention to the emotional needs of the patient, and areas pertaining to patient rights.  The surveyors also spoke extremely highly of the cleaning standards of the facilities and singled out the performance of the maintenance, cleaning, and food preparation crews.  Reviews of the surgical complex produced reports describing the operating theaters as among the finest in the world. Similar comments were afforded to the NICU, laboratory, research and many treatment areas.
In an emotional ceremony regularly interrupted by applause, a final report was presented to the hospital staff. It followed a five-day review process in which the hospital was tested on over 1,200 different parameters included within the JCI survey.  Using words such as “Amazing,” “Phenomenal” and “Incredible,” the surveyors said that Shaare Zedek should take a great deal of pride from their accomplishments.
Shaare Zedek Director General Professor Jonathan Halevy welcomed the announcement saying it provided Shaare Zedek independent recognition as a hospital operating at the height of international standards. 
“This accreditation and the extremely high marks and praise we received through this process provide independent validation for what we and the people of Jerusalem have long known; that Shaare Zedek represents a gold more >

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    Shaare Zedek’s War: Fifty Years Since Jerusalem Was Reunified, A Look Back at Shaare Zedek’s Role in the Six Day War

Shaare Zedek’s War: Fifty Years Since Jerusalem Was Reunified, A Look Back at Shaare Zedek’s Role in the Six Day War

The Six Day War changed the course of Jewish history. When it was over, Jerusalem was no longer a divided city and the Temple Mount was in Jewish hands for the first time in two millennia. But as the fighting raged, Shaare Zedek, then located in its original home on Jaffa Road, was the hospital closest to the combat — just a few short kilometers from the front and under frequent Jordanian fire. The following is a brief account from the Hospital’s archive, including material that was previously published.
First Alert
In the early hours of Monday, June 5th, 1967, the telephone hotline from Israel’s military headquarters rang at Shaare Zedek. It was a short conversation, not lasting longer than 15 seconds. Neither did it take long for the Hospital’s well-oiled “State of Emergency” apparatus to begin to move at full speed. Phones soon rang at the homes of the hospital’s administrative and medical staff. Ambulances rushed out of the gate with urgent messages. Dr. Falk Schlesinger, the hospital’s director-general, arrived inside minutes.

Activity was intense. Groups of volunteers began to take up pre-assigned duties. The emergency generator was activated. Windows were covered with blackout material, sandbags strategically placed. Beds replaced desks. Even the hospital’s main corridors were soon lined with extra beds and stretchers. Ambulances and volunteers with their private cars swiftly evacuated many civilian patients whose release papers had been prepared by the doctors with detailed instructions for treatment at home — just in case.

The Brith Milah Hall, classrooms in the School of Nursing and the nurses’ own dormitories were soon converted into emergency wards. Basement areas were emptied to become shelters. Arrangements were made for volunteers from Shaare Zedek’s Ladies Auxiliary to care for more >

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    Yom HaZikaron 2017: Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day at Shaare Zedek

Yom HaZikaron 2017: Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day at Shaare Zedek

At the Yom Hazikaron Ceremony at Shaare Zedek Medical Center on May 1, 2017, our staff, patients, and visitors marked Israel’s Memorial Day by remembering the 23,544 Israeli soldiers who have fallen in defense of the State of Israel, and 3,117 victims of terrorism.  Speakers included Yaron Shor, who shared memories of his son, Sergeant Barkai Yishai Shor z”l, from Jerusalem, who fell near Kibbutz Nahal Oz during Operation Protective Edge. He had been protecting the people of Israel from terrorists who penetrated the border by tunneling underground from Gaza.
From the age of 15, Barkai Shor z”l volunteered with Magen David Adom, Israel’s national ambulance service. His life was tragically cut short before he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream of medical school and a life of helping others as a physician.
“Barkai had a strong connection with Shaare Zedek,” Yaron shared. “He dreamed of becoming a doctor. He visited Shaare Zedek many times as part of his volunteer efforts with MADA and at various times he would come to the medical center to visit with patients.”
Shaare Zedek Medical Center today proudly offers treatment in the Barkai Shor Gynecology Outpatient Clinics on the 9th Floor of our Next Generation Building. May his memory be blessed.

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    Shaare Zedek Trauma Chief Dr. Ofer Merin at AIPAC on IDF Mobile Field Hospital He Commands

Shaare Zedek Trauma Chief Dr. Ofer Merin at AIPAC on IDF Mobile Field Hospital He Commands

Dr. Ofer Merin is a cardiothoracic surgeon who heads the Trauma Unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center while simultaneously serving as deputy to the Hospital’s Director General Professor Jonathan Halevy. Dr. Merin is also the commander of Israel’s vaunted and unique IDF Mobile Field Hospital which is officially recognized by the World Health Organization of the United Nations as the best in the world, following evaluation of the work of 83 countries.

[Watch VIDEO here]

In his role with the IDF, Dr. Merin addressed the 2017 AIPAC Convention in Washington, D.C. and explained that the field hospital’s credo is: “Go Far, Go Fast, Go Big.” Dr. Merin explained that “what makes our team special is more than speed and logistics.” As at Shaare Zedek, “we approach every patient as though they are a member of our family. To be sure, we treat the injury. But we also treat the husband who just lost his wife, the child who just lost his mother and the members of the community whose world has been turned upside down in a matter of seconds. The ‘who’ does not matter, nor does the ‘where.’ The only thing that matters is treating a patient — any patient — with the highest quality care we can provide, with the highest morals and values while respecting the dignity of those in need.”

Dr. Merin said, “the European Union has asked us to work with them to build a mobile medical unit on par with our own.” To prolonged applause, he also introduced senior commanders of the IDF Medical Corps who are in Washington for a conference with their counterparts in the US military.

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Setting The Mood For Purim at Shaare Zedek

Preparations for Purim are underway at Shaare Zedek. This brief moment in time was captured on Rosh Chodesh Adar 5777 — the first day of the month — as two of our beloved Dream Doctors ferried a young patient around on their bicycle built for two (two clowns, that is).

Chassidic music star Avraham Fried helped Shaare Zedek celebrate Purim 5776 with a performance at the Wilf Children’s Hospital.

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